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Final Proposal

As it is an online submission, I have created an animated short film to bring my drawings to life. This animation helps show what the society is about and what it does with close ups of the milling flour in action. The animation has been produced using Photoshop and Premiere Pro. After I graduate, I…

Animation Inspiration

To make my project and design proposal come to life I am working on producing a short animation to accompany my final portfolio and project work. As my proposal is a conquest society that mills its own flour, bakes its own bread and sells it at the in house market as well as the society’s…

Material Development in Design

To develop my design further I have gone back to my material palette and developed it to adapt to my developing design. I have tried to introduce new and more contemporary materials to update conquest house and to show a more contemporary spin on the designs. This developed material palette shows a range of new…

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Rachel, Interior Architecture and Design Graduate.

I have recently graduated with a first class honours in Interior Architecture and Design at UCA School of Architecture in Canterbury, Kent. I previously studied foundation Art and Design which sparked my interest in studying Architecture and Interior Design. I intend to do a Masters in a related field in the near future and build on my portfolio of skills and projects.