Rachel’s Interior Architecture and Design Blogs

Introduction Blog

Welcome to my website where I am showcasing my work and latest design projects. I am in my 2nd year of studying Interior Architecture and Design at University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury and enjoying studying and immersing myself in the field of Design.

The Corona-Virus has changed the way we live our lives immensely, and as classes and lectures have moved online I am rising to the challenge of starting my own website. This website showcases my design projects and research throughout my studies and beyond, something that I hope to look back on and see how I grow and develop as a designer.

My first project is my final project from year 2. Focusing on Dreamland in Margate, Kent, this project focuses on the restoration of a building and how it can transform a local community for the better. The brief was to design a council for the community of Margate which would involve education and hospitality, something I rose to the challenge of and created a fun and unique response to the brief.

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