Precedents: Benjamin Fern and Perry Kulper

I have chosen Benjamin Fern’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences as my precedent to do my architectural drawings in his style. I have chosen this style as they stood out to me. I particularly like the high contrast black and white as well as the detailed texture and materiality that he has added in a subtle way but adds depth and realness to the drawings. Working in Black and White has also allowed me to really focus on my drawings as well as light and shadow which is something that I needed to work on this year. Black and white also allows me to focus on the atmosphere of my drawings and the details before using colour which I feel can sometimes be too much when trying to convey information from a drawing.

My second precedent for my diagrams and posters, I have chosen Perry Kulper as my point of reference. I particularly like his style as it is so different from Benjamin Fern’s refined and monotone style and I felt that a drastic contrast would be a challenge that I could rise to. Perry Kulper works in a very interesting way, combining various elements such as diagrams, technical drawings, sketches, photographs, notes, quotes and graphs. His scrapbook style and his use of colour was something that I thought would work well in contrast to my architectural drawings. In using different layers and combinations was something I wanted to explore further to work on my graphic techniques and compositions.

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