Beach Rat Animation

To go with my proposal, almost like an advertisement, I created a fun animation using Photoshop and Timeline and then adding music I edited on Adobe Audition to go with the animation. This was my first animation and it was fun to do, something I enjoyed and would like to do more of in the future.

Full Animation Link
Animation Still I

The animation starts with a sad Beach Rat as he realises there is nothing for him in The Sunshine Cafe and he is alone in the community. The music throughout the animation is Rats by Ghost in a synth wave version on Youtube to go with the theme of an old version game/arcade game.

Animation Still II

Beach Rat then goes onto daydream and imagine what could become of the Sunshine Cafe.

Animation Still III

Beach Rat then imagines a cool alternate world that turns into a loading screen for an old arcade game or Playstation game giving Beach Rat and fun and nostalgic vibe.

Animation Still IV

The animation then continues onto a character selection showing three different skateboarding rats to choose from, again like an old game.

Animation Still V

Beach Rat then comings onto the screen skate boarding in the Sunshine Cafe space with the proposed conceptual models edited into the space. He moves slow and only horizontally and vertically like in an old retro game with rigid movement.

Animation Still VI

Beach Rat continues to skate in the new skate hub space.

Animation Still VII

Beach Rat continues to Skate in the space doing two consecutive loop tricks in the air and exiting off the right hand side of the space.

Animation Still VIII

The animation ends with ‘Totally Rad’ repeating as though the came has ended like in an old arcade game highlighting the fun advertisement of Beach Rat and emphasising Skateboarding by using old skate slang.

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