Beach Rat Skate Hub Final Designs

Earlier version of floor plan for Beach Rat Skate Hub
Final Design for Beach Rat Skate Hub

Completed in the style of my precedent, Benjamin Fern, this is the final floor plan for the Beach Rat Skate Hub. It is quite simple as I tried not to over complicate the space as it is a relatively small space to work with. To the left of the space is the skate zones which follow round the space. There would most likely be rules of a one way system but those rules would be put in space by the skate community. The shapes of the skate zones have been designed from my earlier clay concept models and developed for the final design by being put into a sequence of shapes and obstacles. To the right of the space is the Beach Rat cafe. Instead of designing chairs and tables I have designed a skate ramp like bench for anyone to come and take a seat in the cafe. By designing this in this way creates more of a consistent look and feel for the skate hub as well as having the possibility to use the benches as extra skate space if needed. The kiosk has also been designed this way as shown to right of the stairs. By also keeping a relatively simple design allows an almost blank canvas for the skate community to develop their own space with creative freedom as well as maintaining the original structure and history of the building by not making drastic changes to the space.

Beach Rat Skate Park Section

This section, again in the atmospheric and high contrast style of Benjamin Fern, highlights the consistency of the space. To the left is the skate zone as in the middle of the space. To the right is the Beach Rat cafe and shows someone sitting on the skate bench. The consistency of the space highlights how different ares can be used in multiple ways such as the cafe zone being used as an additional skate area.

Another Section of the Skate Hub showing the cafe area

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