Margate Project Final Evaluation

This Margate Project has been my favourite project so far whilst studying at university. It is a project I will not forget, spending two months of the project in lockdown amid the horror that has been the Corona-Virus.

The Margate project has been one I have felt really captured my interest. Doing the Site Surveys and having access into a no longer public space was very interesting and put a very real focus on the project, making it what felt less like a university project and more one that could benefit people and the community in the real world. Learning the history of Margate and understanding the community was something that centred my project and was at the core of my design choices and outcomes.

The final design proposal, creating my Beach Rat Skate Hub, was definitely out of my comfort zone but something that I am proud to have rose to the challenge of and found enjoyable and energising to design for. It has taught me to step out of my comfort zone in the future and be more experimental as well as embrace challenges and the natural organic design process with confidence.

In terms of my precedents I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the styles of Perry Kulper and Benjamin Fern and feel that following in their design footsteps has helped me truly work on developing and adapting my own drawing style and techniques. Digital drawing is that I have not had a background in. The first year is completely hand drawn, and so being my first year of digital drawings and fully using the software I am pleased with how much my skills have developed.

Due to Corona-Virus I was unable to experiment with modelling and physical outcomes as much as I had anticipated. I had wanted to experiment more with cast and 3D-Printing but this is something I will do in the upcoming year. I am pleased with my clay conceptual model outcomes and will work with clay and sculpting more in the future for material and conceptual models. I will also aim to be confident in Rhino and producing models through the software in the upcoming year.

To conclude, it has been a project I will not forget for many reasons. It has taught me the importance of getting out of my comfort zone and trusting the design process. It has also developed my skills in a variety of ways and I have learnt a lot about the process of research, development an design. I look forward to developing my skills and gaining more experience as I move deeper into the design field and into my final year of my degree.

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