Beach Rat

Beach Rat is my chosen identity and brand name for my skate hub meaning, a skater who spends a lot of time skating at/by the beach. I wanted to make the brand and skate hub fun and different by having a rat as the mascot and Beach Rat would be the identity of the skate community.

Digital Drawing of Beach Rat

Beach Rat Font

The idea of the Beach Rat project would be for young people, interested in skateboarding or just want to be involved in a young community, to design and upkeep the Beach Rat brand. The purpose behind this would be to inspire and encourage young people to become creative gaining skills such as running a brand, designing, planning and producing products from start to finish. Local businesses and creative people could also get involved teaching and helping young people through creative workshops and supporting then through their take-over project.

Early scenarios of merchandise being sold in the space
Early scenarios of merchandise being sold in the space

Money raised can be put back into the project and put into the skate hub to keep the Beach Rat community going.

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