Circulation Diagram
This circulation diagram highlights how people move around the space. Following on from my Spatial/ Environmental notation diagrams this diagram develops the stories of the original characters, with an additional character, a member of staff who works at the Beach Rat Cafe. Th e directional marks highlight what arrow they are moving in and follows their journey throughout the space. In doing this diagram it helps to see what areas would be more congested and how people use the space.
Circulation, Spatial and Programmatic Diagram
This diagram has been more of an experimental approach to producing my diagrams and I have combined certain elements to see how the space was correspond together as a whole. The base of the drawings is the original charcoal rubbings that I took in Phase One, Site Survey I and I have used these as a base to highlight how I am designing around the pre-existing and that the foundation and core features of the Sunshine Cafe are remaining untouched. This this then layered with the circulation diagram highlighting the proposed final floor plan and how people move around the space. This layer is then developed with audio diagrams highlighting where sounds would be coming from and what areas would have more sounds either due to larger skate zones or cafe/ social zones. The outside of the circulation diagram highlights key programmatic moments (taken from my final proposed sections) and pin point moments in the space as well as how the space would intended to be used either through a social, educational or hospitality purpose.

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