Existing and Proposed Scenario Diagrams

The purpose of this task was to compare the existing scenario of Maragte’s community in a diagram with a comparing proposed scenario of what it could be with our design and proposal in place. Our point of reference, as shown above, are Peter Darby’s, The Clandestine Exchange, 2015, which research and dealt with The French port of Calais is a City in transition.

Existing Scenario Diagram

Existing Scenario Diagram

In the Existing Diagram of Margate I found that there were big divides in the community meaning that the community was as united as it should be. I found there there was a big divide between the new residents from Margate – mainly Londoner’s from the East of London moving down to Margate to set up business with cheap rent and the potential Margate has to becoming a trendy ‘hipster’ town, and the remaining residents. The original Margate residents felt that their town was being taken over by an ‘artsy’ crowd and residents were left feeling that their needs and voices not being heard. With the redevelopment of Margate, there has been a big divide between new art culture and people with money compared to residents who have lower incomes and in turn less educated and with lesser opportunities. Uniting the Margate community is something that I would like to focus my project around and this will be arguably the most important factor of designing a space to accommodate this.

Proposed Scenario Diagram

Proposed Scenario Diagram

This proposed Scenario Diagram highlights links and connections that can bring the Margate community together. For example, with the redevelopment and The Turner Contemporary being added to the area, there has been a rise in young people studying Art and Design at GCSE and A-Level meaning that local residents have benefited and because of this have more opportunities open to them and career options. Therefore there are links and options open that may not be obvious in the community but I would like to bring these opportunities forward and focus on young people. As young people are more open and adapt more to change I believe that they could have a positive effect on the community and help to change Margate. Therefore, I will be designing a space suitable for the young people of Margate but also thinking of the wider Margate community in mind.

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