Hybrid Diagrams

These series of Hybrid drawings shows different types of actions and movements to expect in the space including skateboarding moves, mentoring and members of the skate community interacting.

Hybrid Drawing I: Skate in Motion

This hybrid drawing focuses on two different skate zones in the space in the space and how they can be used. I have shown movement through the use of copy and paste and changing opacity of images to show movement and highlight certain positions. I have placed it on the final design of the map to show where these actions would take place.

Hybrid Drawing II: Skateboard Close Up

This hybrid drawing focuses on close ups of the skateboarding actions and movements involved. Again I have shown the movement through the space by focusing on opacity and copy and paste of images.

Hybrid Drawing III: Onlookers Watching Skateboarders in Action.

In the final series of the hybrid drawing it highlights more of a skate community and shows how skateboarding can unite a community. To the right of the drawings show three onlookers in the Beach Rat cafe as they admire skateboarders in action on the opposite side. This drawing also highlights that you do not have to be a skater to fit in with the community but can just enjoy the atmosphere and come to watch and support other skateboarders.

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