‘Little Oasis Crazy Skate Park’

In 2013, local Skater’s of Margate decided to build their own skate park on the seafront as they had nowhere to skate. This quickly became a community project Margate had suddenly become united in the project of building a place for the skaters.

Margate Community Skate Park Being Built

The local community came together to put forward materials and paid for the project out of their own pocket. The park had been a functioning skate park for eight months in the summer of 2013 when Thanet Council bull-dozed the site at 6am in the morning stating the park as unsafe. 4000 members of the community signed a petition for the council to rebuild the site but it did not get the approval it needed and there has not been a skate park since.

The actions of the council caused a big divide between the council and the community and a project which the council should have supported for it’s local people was so quickly destroyed made the residents of Margate feel again isolated from their town.

Thanet District Council Destroyed the Community Built Skate Park


Local resident tells the story of Little Oasis Skate Park

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