Researching The Margate Community

There were a lot of factors and information to gather when designing a council for the people of Thanet District. Margate, undoubtedly is very up and coming what with the Turner Contemporary and a new trendy upcoming vibe but there is also a very big divide between his and the remaining residents who live in one of the most deprived areas of the country. I wanted to create a safe space and a design that would have the most benefit on Margate over the years and help to promote positive change and change the reputation of Margate as a whole.

In researching Maragte and deprived towns in general, I thought that the best way to make a difference and change the reputation of the area, was to start with the youths of the area. By focusing on young people and starting a positive change from the start, this should ripple through and encourage young people to aspire and want to give back by helping the local community.

Not just in Margate, but older generations often have a negative perception of young people. Usually this is because morals have changed and the world has grown so it can be hard for older generations to accept the change and grow with the times. This can often cause young people to have a negative perception of older generations which then causes friction and a divide between the two groups in a community.

In focusing on young people of Margate, It can help to lower the gap between old and young generations and by giving young people more opportunities and a safe space, it can give a positive light on young people thus reducing crime in the area.

My early proposal for Dreamland, The Sunshine Cafe was to make a youth club for the young people of Margate. By designing a youth club it would be a safe space for young people to feel welcome and become a part of. My initial idea was for young people to get involved in the local area and community to build connections and open opportunities. For example, beach and environmental clean ups and working alongside RNLI, on the Margate coast to raise funds and awareness of the charity. This being an initial idea I would need to research more in depth young people in the area and what they want and need.

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