Skate Park Research

London, Southbank Centre Skate Park

Known as a popular hot spot for tourists, Southbank Centre Skate Park has been an original skate site since 1970 and is the worlds longest continually used skate spot. It is an original space for free creative interpretation where anyone can feel a sense of belonging. It is now a landmark for urban culture and there is a community built around the skate park that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Bolivia, Pura Pura Skatepark

This DIY Skatepark was made from 100 community volunteers who wanted to make a Skatepark that would have a positive impact on the local area. The campaign they created was called ‘Make Life Skate Life’ and all funds that were raised helped go towards building the Skatepark. The park proved to be very popular and successful that they then campaigned to have a community skate house built by the park in which they saved and fund-raised and built. The skate house is a safe space which holds workshops and educates the local community as well as holds youth clubs and supports community involvement.

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