Skate Research

My Skate hub will be a place where the community can come and learn to skate there will also be a community cafe where anyone can come and watch skating as well as enjoying the energy of the space. The skate hub will also have its own brand which will be a project for the community to take over and become the identity of the Skate Hub.

Vans ‘Off the Wall’

Vans is a popular and well known skate brand. The company sponsors sports events such as surfing, snowboarding and BMX as well as hosting their own skate events. The company built its first skate park in California which opened to the public in 2010. There is also a skate park in London called House of Vans.

Brand Name

To come up with the brand name I wanted something fun and different. I looked up Skate slang and skaters language where there were lots of unusual words and combinations. Here were a few that made the list:

Beach Rat – Skater who spends all their time at the beach

Chodogo – A skate word for Greeting

Mongo – More. Push off with front foot instead of back foot

NBD – Never Been Done

Pogo – straight up against

Scab Slab – Cement separators in the parking lot

Space Flow – skateboarding styles

Skek – Smart Skater

Stoked – Enthusiastic/ Fell really excited

Stynha – Greeting to Skateboard Friends

Health and Social Benefits from Skateboarding:

Great for the body and mind- (apart from obvious fractures and injuries)

Great for socialising – cultures and communities built around skateboarding

Skateboarding allows Creative freedom

Strengthens spirit

A Skateboarders take on what skateboarding means to them.

‘As a result, it draws people who don’t fit into these places either, and organically nurtures them with a some-times lifesaving sense of belonging.’ – The Impossible, Cole Louison

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