Hospitality: New Project Introduction (Final year BA Project)

The new project brief is inspired by lockdown and how every household had to adapt to the changes that brought with the Covid-19 virus. The new brief questions what is the future of hospitality? Hospitality and eating has always been seen as a social activity of human interaction, but how can hospitality be during lockdown and social distancing? The start of the project focuses on the art of baking bread.

Pumpkin Seed Loaf

The project, throughout the first term, begins as a group project working as a team to produce bread and an atmosphere pack with step by step instructions that we will swap with another group and observe how they interact with our pack, follow the instructions to make break and focus on the social interactions throughout the process.

So why was everyone baking bread in lockdown? “In these times all of us are experiencing a strongly reduced sense of control over our lives,” she explains. “Self-reliance is a manifestation of control and therefore helps us to meet one of those truly basic human needs: safety. Baking bread is the ultimate act of self-reliance. ( There is something comforting and homely about the act of baking bread and eating your own creation. It is an activity for families or individuals to do and come together during worrying and uncertain times.

Homemade Pumpkin seed bread

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