Group Project Precedents

These projects I found particularly interesting and will help to form our own project centred around bread. They have been chosen with the project brief in mind as well as projects that are centred around a local community.

The People’s Brick Company – Something & Son

This community project invited local people to come and make their mark by making their own unique bricks. The bricks are made of clay from a local quarry in the area. Members of the local community can come and make their own brick leaving their initials in the brick and being left to dry over the summer period, the idea being that there be a constantly evolving collection of personalised hand made bricks. During the end of the exhibition period all the bricks will be used to construct a large firing kiln and left as a reminder that architecture can be both simple and inclusive.

I chose this project as inspiration for the group project as it has a strong community presence and community involvement. The idea as well of making bricks, which has a recipe and something that you leave to harden and then bake, mirrors the process of baking bread.

Sarah WigglesWorth – Table Manners

The project Table Manners by architect Sarah Wigglesworth observes a dinner table before, during and after. Wigglesworth’s attention to detail and reality of a dinner table scenario setting creates an interesting and captivating series of diagrams. The idea behind it as well was to observe the human interaction and relationships of a household. Observing human interactions and relationships between hospitality and its social aspects.

VUUV Architecture Office

 VUUV designed an installation of ephemeral architecture for the event. ‘from our viewpoint, fashion, like architecture, is the ‘shell’ to protect people. fashion is also known as the first ‘house’ that surrounds the body. depending on the morphology and materials, both of these industries directly affect the physiology of people, and they are obviously two arts that are culturally unique’, says VUUV. VUUV wanted to build upon the natural materials which are traditionally used in architectural practice to create new perspectives. the final installation is composed of three wall layers made of bamboo with three different knitting structures, which were all made by traditional vietnamese craft villages. (

The reasoning behind choosing this project as a precedent for the project is as we are taking something as simple as bread and creating a new story and meaning behind it.

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