Design Precedents

My design precedents will be the styles that inspire my own drawings and diagrams throughout the project. In using design precedents I can gain more of a understanding of communicating through technical drawings, renders and diagrams.

Benjamin Fern, Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Benjamin Fern, Pontifical Academy of Sciences

I have chosen Benjamin Fern’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences as my precedent as I particularly like the high contrast black and white as well as the detailed texture and materiality that he has added in a subtle way but adds depth and realness to the drawings.

Sarah Wigglesworth: Table Manners

I have chosen Sarah Wigglesworth’s table manners as I am drawn to the contrast of the simplicity of the diagrams as well as details and depth that goes in to her work. I particularly enjoy the way that these drawings show the impacts of human interaction and interference of a space which allows us to observe how people react and use a space, very important when designing spaces.

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