Project Manifesto and Narrative Development

This blog is more focused on the refinement of my project narrative and tasks which are more closely related to the development of my own narrative and manifesto.

Narrative Collage

This narrative collage was created from the response of asking and answering questions to building a narrative. The types of questions for example were: Who are you with? What is the lighting like? What food is in front of you? What can you smell?

For the final image of my narrative I wanted to create something a bit more traditional, such as a banquet feast in which you can enjoy being with people and enjoying food. Since being in lockdown, a sense of hospitality and ritual around food has been lost as one cannot go out to eat as one normally would. Therefore, from this collage exercise I have decided that my narrative will be in a post lockdown setting to attempt to bring back that ritual and enjoyment of eating as well as talking, enjoying the company of others when eating. To put myself in the narrative (as seen with my hand collaged in down the bottom right) to make it more personal and to understand it in more depth.

Banquet Scene Template

Developing from my narrative collage above, I began to define my narrative further. I started to bring in themes that I had developed earlier such as community, local, food poverty and nutrition. This led onto the idea of developing a community, a safe space for people who are experiencing food poverty or loneliness from the lockdown to come and be a part of. The society would be a place where people can come to eat and make friends, to tackle problems that come with poverty, people often feeling alienated and excluded from the normal.

The make the members feel safer, the community would also wear a uniform, hooded robes so everyone would feel equal in this safe space. I have chosen to use robes as the uniform as robes cover the whole body so there would be no discrimination on what people are wearing. The robes would also keep the identities of the members hidden so they would feel safe in a place and not have to share who they are. On a more traditional note, looking at monk robes and why they wear them is to The robes are meant to symbolize simplicity and detachment of materialism, much like the members of the society who would be experiencing poverty.

Narrative Draft

Everyone is sitting around an old engraved, dark wooden table red wine goblets in their hands, eating abrasively in the other, stomachs full of all foods imaginable. People talk loudly and there is laughter, old and young, echoing throughout the old wooden hall and bouncing off the old stones from the floor and ceiling cloisters. Conversations about family, loved ones, food, jokes, and stories echo around and are shared without hesitation amongst the community in a place where everyone is equal. It is hard to tell individuals apart as everyone wears the same hooded robes marked with the crest symbol of the society. No one calls each other by names here, we are just equals, ‘brother’ it is about who you are not what you are.

There is a strong sense of a new tradition in the halls and passageways that lead to the secret location that is where we are. It is medieval banquets and feasts met with a new societal value, creating a new tradition of togetherness and community, leaving old negative beliefs of class and division behind. Technology and electricity do not belong here, to remain secret we have left it behind and we do not need the confusions and divides that technology brings. Instead, the passageways and the banquet hall is full of hundreds of brightly lit candles creating an ambient, warm, and inviting light, a reminder that better times have come and even brighter times will come. Although there is a slight chill in the air, the burning candles give out heat from the flames and hot wax and the thick robes keep in heat efficiently.

Additionally, the room is warmed through the rich red, yellows and purple textures that accompany the room, the communal tapestry on the wall and the paintings on stone that cover the floor and some joinery on the ceiling. This is brought to life by the array of foods and drink that covers the long table in the centre of the room. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, freshly baked breads, pastas, puddings, and pastries lay abundantly and artfully arranged waiting, ready to be met with hungry mouths. Everyone bakes and cooks what they have and what they can afford each week and they all bring to share with everyone here. This means that everyone has enough each week and no one goes home hungry or unfed. No one suffers anymore.

And this sense of togetherness, this sense of community spirit, this new tradition is a reminder that in the far future we will not have to be secret about it, what we are working towards. A society, a world with no class or division where every mouth and bellies are fed, young or old, where there is enough for everyone to be healthy and happy. A pre-Covid world will be talk of the past, a negative world full of darkness where capitalism ruled and working-class people suffered, dying on the front lines. We will rise and we will suffer no more!

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