Design Precedents

McCullough Mulvin Architects, Medieval Mile Museum restoration

I particularly like the marrying of the old and new within this project and is something that I would like to capture within my own design proposal- bringing conquest house into the 21st century whilst maintaining the old aesthetic of the property.

( )

Elmgreen & Dragset’s Berlin Workspace

What I particularly like about this project is the mezzanine floor, which is arguably the main feature within my design proposal. Additionally, I enjoy the contemporary feel of the space and the bursts of natural light flowing through the entirety of the design, creating a soft and organic atmosphere.

( )

Neues Museum, Berlin

I particularly enjoy the marrying of the old and new in this design and is something that I need to do successfully in my project, as to not blend my design with the original and existing. The juxtaposition between the white and he brick works successfully in creating a contemporary and sophisticated, minimalistic approach to the museum.

Photo Credits David Chipperfield Architects (

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