Narrative Perspectives

To get a better understanding of what I will be designing, I have produced quick perspectives to start to understand what I will be designing and what the space will feel and look like. Producing perspectives during the design development phase has enabled me to put myself in the narrative, making the project more personal and real. It also enabled me to understand the specific programs that will be happening within the space.

Bakery Perspective

This perspective shows a close up action of what could be happening within the space. This digital collage shows members of the society pulling ropes to hoist the bread up to the higher floors, saving time and making a more direct connection between the server ad eh quest. A device to hoist food from the basement kitchen to the higher floors for the banquet feasts will have to be designed and developed in more depth.

Cooking Classes

This quick perspective shows members of the society coming together to learn how to bake and produce bread. The specific action is them kneading the bread as they are being taught by a teacher of the society.

Fresh Food market

This perspective shows how the society will raise funds by selling their freshly baked goods and creating a very holistic approach to how the society functions efficiently. This specific scene shows the interaction and importance of public support as they will buy goods from the in house market.

Public Engagement

In this perspective you can see the public engagement and curiosity of the society as they come and show the support, learning what the society does and buying goods from the fresh food market. The juxtaposition between the members of the society is quite obvious and so I may have to design robes that the public would wear as they come to show support for the society.

Banquet Feast

This perspective brings back the simplicity of the society, of which the society aims to bring together people experiencing food poverty, poverty or the effects of poverty such as loneliness and emotional alienation. Here you can see members in their uniform eating healthy and nutritious freshly made food and enjoying conversation and company.

Perspective Collage

I have created a collage from my perspectives showing where they would be happening within the space and what I would be basing my designs around.

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