Spatial Verb Model Making

The images above are photographs of my spatial verb models. I have used clay which I feel is a very simple and hands on way of making quick conceptual models and an organically, fluid way of modelling. The spatial verbs consisted of a variety of words including: expand, extrude, offset, intersect, carve, curve, bend, lift, compress, inflate, fracture, extract, merge, twist, rotate, next, interlock, shift and puncture. These were response to using single or a combination of spatial verbs. The time of the models also varied from 2 minute, 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Changing the time effected the outcome of the models, with the quicker models being more conceptual and often the more interesting.

I will start to bring in these shapes to fit organically into a new design for my Conquest Society. Below show the models I felt were the most successful and will be the ones I start to bring forward into my design development.

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