Design Development Kitchen Furniture

Making Bread Table

This is the start of my making bread furniture and will be the table for measuring and mixing the ingredients as well as kneading the dough. The design has transformed from my original spatial verb, photographed in the top left. From this photo and model, I has started to work into it creating different layers which act as shelves and containers containing the ingredients to make the bread. After this I have gone back to 3D modelling, a hands on approach and and have created a design which contains the different layers and included curves within the model to eliminate the need for using bowls and containers, taking away any unnecessary equipment. The idea would be that some layers of the table would rotate, passing the dough on to the kneading process, creating a quicker and more efficient sequence of the bread making process.

Punching Dough Table

Developed from my spatial model, on the top left, this furniture is designed with the purpose of punching the air out of the dough, after it has been left to rise for 1 hour. I have created a design which has natural rises and falls within in table making it easier to release any assess air from the dough, meaning that the table has been designed with the technical aspects of the baking bread process in mind.

Oven Peel

This shows the development of my design from the spatial verb starting at the top left to the more finalised oven peel design to the bottom right. The top left shows the original photograph of the spatial verb which has then been edited in photoshop and transformed into the beginnings of the oven peel which will be used to safety and efficiently get the dough in the oven and cooked to transform into bread. This then reminded me of dough, being the shape and texture and I have taken this back into development through 3D modelling which, using clay feels somewhat like the process of kneading dough. I have indented finger marks representing holes for the dough to sit in and keep shape of the bread as seen in the next image. The final image shows the dough has risen and baked to form bread in the shape of the holes meaning no extra tins or equipment is necessary, keeping mess and equipment minimal.

Sequence of Furniture

This diagram shows how the sequences of furniture would work within the kitchen space, designed with the quickest and most efficient way of making bread. 1) Measuring and mixing ingredients to make dough (1 person). 2) Kneading the dough, 10 minutes (multiple people). 3) Rising dough which is left for 1 hour. 4) Punching dough table 5 minutes (multiple people). 5) Oven Peel which the dough sits in, is placed in the oven and the bread comes out baked in the shape of the peel. Baking time 25 minutes.

Basement Floor Plan Development with Kitchen Furniture
Basement Floor Plan Development with Kitchen Furniture and baked bread storage area

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