Process of a flour mill: From Grain to Flour

Process of Flour Mill Bubble Diagram

The bubble diagram above is to assist with my design developments as the design begins to progress. Instead of just having the making bread process I am including the grain, with the society buying grains in bulk from a local farmer and milling their own flour. By buying the grain there are multiple benefits such as it is often cheaper, yet also more nutritious and tastier. There is not enough space for the society to grow their own wheat, but by buying wheat berries allows a connection and to support local farmers and their livelihoods, yet also allows the personal making process to still be very involved going from grain to bread. Buying wheat berries also allows the bakers to have more variety of berries and grains meaning they can produce a vast variety of different breads and fresh goods to sell.

To understand the flour milling process, I have been researching the going from wheat berry to flour. I am looking at designing a more hands on and old fashioned approach, which should be cheaper for the society to maintain, allows the members to fully understand and learn the process, but will also have more appeal for the local members or tourists who would want to come and support the local society. The clip below shows the simplicity of producing flour from the wheat berry.

Wheat Berries to be brought in bulk from local farmers

Grinding Wheat Berries

Old fashioned hands on grinder to grind the berries. This would need to be done multiple times for the desire final flour.

Sifting Flour for Impurities

Large Old fashioned industrious sift

After the process of grinding and sifting multiple times it will produce the making the freshly made flour which will be collected and directly used in the same space to produce the freshly baked bread which will be sold upstairs to the local public, in the fresh in-house food market. To develop this I will design a bespoke furniture process machine which will be able to produce the flour.

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