Animation Inspiration

To make my project and design proposal come to life I am working on producing a short animation to accompany my final portfolio and project work. As my proposal is a conquest society that mills its own flour, bakes its own bread and sells it at the in house market as well as the society’s banquet feast, there is a lot of actions and programs happening within the space. By producing a short animation, it will be able to make clearer what is happening in the space as well as give an additional quality to my portfolio.

I have been inspired by this animation and animating technique in the video above. The artist takes traditional, historical 2D painting an turns them into animations using Adobe After Effects.

This is another video example or what I will attempt to achieve in my own animation to animate my final design proposals.

By animating in this art style, I will be able to take my 2D drawings and sections as background settings and animate the characters and the actions within my design proposal.

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