Final Proposal

Conquest House Society Animation

As it is an online submission, I have created an animated short film to bring my drawings to life. This animation helps show what the society is about and what it does with close ups of the milling flour in action. The animation has been produced using Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

After I graduate, I am keen to develop my 3D and animation skills and build a strong digital portfolio. Animation is something I have enjoyed doing for this project and my previous year 2 project and is a skill I would like to develop and learn further.

Final Proposed Side Sectional Drawing with zoomed in Detail
Final Proposed Side Sectional Drawing with zoomed in Detail

My side sections capture my programs and intended design for my proposal of Conquest House. From the milling flour and baking bread to selling it at the fresh food market and eating at the banquet feast, these side sections bring the design proposal to life.

I am pleased with my overall final proposed design. From starting my degree and having no design skills at all it is amazing to see how far my skills have come! I have enjoyed my time at university immensely and will continue to learn and develop new skills even after I graduate. I am planning to do a masters in a related field within the next five years but for now am looking for experience within the industry. To see my plan for the next five years check out my five year plan:

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