The next stage shows my design and development process of the project. Taking inspiration from my conceptual spatial verbs and developing them further in this phase I have developed an interesting development from the initial site surveying drawings. As I have developed the design as well, the narrative has also developed and evolved from the early stages of the project. With a series of drawings, model making and diagramming, this phase shows my exciting development of The Conquest House Society.

Perspectives in response to my narrative to help me understand the programs happening in the space and to understand what the space needs to function properly by putting myself in the narrative and space. My blog on Narrative Perspectives goes through more depth on the purpose behind each perspective.

Narrative Perspective Collage

Following on from my perspectives above, this perspective collage considers the organisational spaces and determines what programs and actions would be happening where. I have started to extend the original building by 3m and have started to determine how the extension may start to form.

Evolution of basement floor plan showing kitchen and storage areas.
Evolution of basement floor plan showing kitchen and storage areas.
Adding a Bespoke in House Flour Mill
Bespoke Flour Mill Design

Designing a bespoke flour mill after researching the process of milling flour.

Evolution of ground floor plan showing translucent new floor and public entrance
Evolution of banquet floor with mezzanine
Process of Milling Flour Bubble Diagram
Developing design through close up perspectives
Developing the Side Elevation with Weathered Still
design development: Side Section
Design Development showing side section with materiality and textures
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