This next phase presents the modelling process of the project from spatial verbs and the design development of spatial verb models as well as material models. The spatial models, inspired by spatial verbs were all produced by hand, mainly working with clay of which I could model and form organic models and in working with clay it reflected the use of baking bread, specifically kneading the dough. The spatial verbs play an important part of the design process for the rest of the project and final design proposal.

Read my blog telling the story and process behind my spatial verbs:

Making Bread Furniture

I have began to design my bespoke furniture, in response to my spatial verbs, reflecting the sequence of the bread making process. My blog goes into more depth explaining the purpose and function of each piece of furniture. My designs will be refined and developed for my final proposal outcome.

Punching Bread Table
Oven Peel for Baking Bread
Kitchen Furniture Diagram

How the Kitchen furniture would work together as a sequence with circulation diagram mapped out in space.

Material Model

Within my material model, I have kept in keeping with the existing building keeping the old and authentic feel of the materials as well as introducing my own plaster experimental materials as shown in materials 1 and 6. This material model will likely change and develop slightly as my design evolves throughout the design process phase.

Close Up Photos of Material Model

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