This monograph is a collection if work from my Conquest House Project. I have selected the work that visually captivates the project and summarises the different stages of the project. The project was based around the future of hospitality and what would happen to the industry in the time of the pandemic. The first chapter focuses on the research stage of the project a collaborative group project between year 2 and 3 students of which we had to respond to the future of hospitality and produce an atmosphere pack. Our group created a charity and designed an atmosphere pack which would help those suffering with food poverty in the local area.

Following on from the initial research stage, I was inspired by food poverty and the other impacts of lockdown on deprived areas in the local area of Canterbury such as loneliness in addition to poverty. For my individual take on the project, I created Conquest Society in the heart of Canterbury 17 Palace street, Conquest house. The society would be community led allowing anyone who is experiencing food poverty, loneliness or anyone who would desire to volunteer to come to the society which would be a safe friendly space. Here members would be educated how to mill flour and bake bread to sell at the in-house fresh food market to the public to raise funds for the society creating skills and jobs within the community. The society would be a place where members could meet up to have a healthy and nutritious meal without having to go hungry. The members wear robes to cover the face and body to protect the identity of the wearer making them feel safe and creating a society which values people for people instead of materialism.

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