Phase One: Research and Site Survey Drawings

This Infrastructural Poster highlights key factors of Margate and important factors to consider when designing for the Margate Community. I have chosen a bright and colourful colour palette, as Kulper does and colour coded elements of the map to correspond with these aspects. The different infrastructural categories for Margate were: Train line, Emergency Services, Roads, Green space, The seas, Schools, Residential zones, Dreamland Theme Park and Dreamland Cinema. As you can see in the map, Dreamland takes up a large area of Margate, and being in the centre of Margate could have a vast impact on the community so must be designed and considered carefully. I have also considered the layering techniques that Kulper uses and used the charcoal print rubbing I took from site to add context and texture to the poster as well as include an elevation of the building of focus, Dreamland.
The seasons and information has been put into a graph of which is colour coded and labelled towards the bottom indicating what month and seasons belong to what colour. The top of the graph show the average highest and lowest temperature of each season. Just below that are a series of circle diagrams representing the sun and showing the average hours of sun per day – July having the longest sun periods. The arrows belong this circling the centre of the Margate Map represent the wind and from which direction it is coming (North, East, South, West). I have also calculated a rough average of wind from each season showing what season has the highest directional power. The direction of the map is shown through the compass at the bottom left of the map. In the centre there is the Map of Dreamland and the immediate surroundings of Margate of which the sea and green space has been highlighted. Dreamland is the focal point of the map and on top, again colour coordinated with each season highlights the popular tourist seasons, summer being the most popular and winter being the least with Dreamland being closed for the winter season. This is also shown by the purple line running through the seasons showing a rough outline of tourist peaks and lows and below this is the average rainfall of each month.
My Ephemeral Poster portrays my own personal journey and visits to Margate and Dreamland. The first journey being the purple continuous line on the Sunshine Cafe Map shows my first time visiting during the Site Survey I on 09.01.20. This journey and visit was a first and new experience to me so I was curious at exploring and looking around the space multiple times to take it in. As you can see when I enter via the stairs I walked straight to the windows as that is the most eye catching element of the space. I also recorded moments I took photos as shown by the pink cross on the map. On the second visit, as shown by the orange on the 29.01.20, it is my second time visiting so I am more focused on aspects of the building to go to collect data, and so cover less area and retrace steps like the first visit. Again, I have layered moments and photographs that I took on the days I visited such as photographs of classmates, charcoal prints I took on the fist visit, self sketches of what I was wearing – my coat, woolly hat and camera- It was a cold day. Towards the top left of the poster I have also included the transport route I took, again making it more personal and recording all the personal data that stood out to me.
Site Drawings in the style of Benjamin Fern: Front Elevation.
Side Elevation of Dreamland
Side Elevation of Dreamland

Sections of the Sunshine Cafe

Plans of Dreamland, First Floor, Ground Floor, Sunshine Cafe and Sunshine Cafe Ceiling Plan

Charcoal Rubbings from the Sunshine Cafe, Taken from Site Survey I

Photographs of The Sunshine Cafe Site in Dreamland

Photographs showing natural decay, material qualities and textures of the site

Phase Two : Design Process

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