The project begins with a research phase of which was completed by working in groups of year two and year three students. The brief was to address the future of hospitality in a time of lockdown and isolation and respond to how the experience has or will change. The outcome of the project was to produce an atmosphere pack which would be given to another group (the consumers) to analyse the success of our final product. The research project would allow the group to focus on a particular aspect of lockdown and hospitality which would prompt the later individual phases of the project. Our project focused on the impacts of food poverty in lockdown on the local area.

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Group Project Precedents:

Baking Bread

These series of photographs show a documentation of the first practice of baking bread. It is a simple bread recipe containing the basic ingredients : Strong white flour, Quick- action yeast, salt, olive oil and water.

My partner took the photographs in our home so behind the photographs there is a strong sense of being in lockdown and we have captured this during the close up intimate shots of the baking bread process.

Kneading Dough
Kneading Dough
Adding Extra Flour During the Kneading Process
Shaping Dough
Shaping Dough
Close up of Freshly Baked Bread

Effects of the Pandemic

To fully understand what direction our project should take we thought of some of the main impacts that the pandemic would have on people. The main aspects that we focused on were health stress including physical and mental, financial stress and what the future would hold in terms of education and opportunities. We have been specifically looking at the local area of Canterbury and the surrounding areas that would be most affected by the pandemic, specifically the more deprived areas: Folkestone and Hythe, Margate and Thanet and Dover.

The Bread Bin Charity Brainstorm

The Bread Bin is a local charity aimed at helping the local community, specifically households in absolute poverty and low income families. We provide packs and weekly recipes that allow these families to bake and create a highly packed nutritious loaf, a staple that some families cannot afford. We also provide simple weekly food plans that families can follow in our aims to educate children and families about the importance of a balanced diet and getting the correct nutrition. Our areas of focus are the costal areas which are as expected higher poverty areas of Canterbury, specifically Folkestone and Hythe, Dover and Margate and Thanet District. Read more about the charity:

For more on the final Atmosphere Pack and the stop motion animation check out my blog:

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